Anne QuadeIn 2013, I attended MOMCon the MOPs Convention for the year.  The theme was “A Beautiful Mess”, at that point I was one heck of a mess not spiritually, but physically.  Yes, I was on the leadership team already, but I wasn’t a co-leader, I had it easy, I was the craft lady.  I could handle that with “my mess”.  The following year it was decided to bring me on as a co-leader.  The theme was “Be You Bravely” now was the time to tell my story, which I did.  Yet, I didn’t keep up with it.  I have since stepped down from my leadership role. I really need to follow through with that story!  Now is the time you’re going to hear the whole story, the good, bad, and sometimes just plain ugly.  But you’re going to read it in a more positive light because YOU can live with fibromyalgia or any other chronic condition.  You need to learn to adapt your world to find small moments of joy.

I invite you into my world of struggles of small moments.  If you are on social media, I encourage you to use the hashtag #aywsm so I can find yours!

I’m a part-time graphic designer, you can find me making a mess with craft supplies all over the house, or cuddling up on the couch with my family.  I have two adorable children, under 10 Maddy and Gavin.  I married my best friend in 2007,  together we have accomplished and experienced many things that we would not have gotten through without each other or God.