My son catching snowflakes on his tongue.

So what’s up with #aywsm?  It stands for Adapting Your World Small Moment. Each day living with a chronic disease or illness, life is hard.  #aywsm is that thing you accomplished, that moment you realized you were “normal”, a break from the chains that bind us from being “normal.”  It wasn’t until I started celebrating my small moments each day, that I became happier, that I realized there is life beyond the chains.  Even if you don’t live with a chronic condition, I invite you to join the #aywsm movement.

Some of my small moments:

  • Finishing the logo for this blog
  • Helping my kids paint for the first time
  • Realizing I had to change how I think, blog topic to follow
  • First Shamrock Shake of the year
  • Helping my mother-in-law pick out new her glasses

Every day is full of little things we don’t recognize.  It’s time to celebrate them!

So when you’re on social media, I encourage you to use the hashtag #aywsm.  I will be looking for them, who knows when I just might find yours!