Small Moments

Special Moments are featured on Mondays.  Often we are discouraged as we are bound by our illness or disease.  We need to recognize, share, and celebrate those small moments in life. As you share your small moments on social media, I encourage to use the hashtag #aywsm.

2016 Glass Blown Open Juniors Tournament

Our daughter decided she was ready to play the 2016 Glass Blown Open Juniors Tournament (GBO), ok we're ready for this.  Practice time, check.  Rules, check. Caddy, check.  Discs, check.  Alright, we're ready to go.  That morning we really didn't know what to expect,...

My baby girl, isn’t such a baby anymore

My baby girl isn't a baby anymore.  Today is her last day of First grade!  How did that happen?!?  Life passes us by so quickly... too often I find myself stopping to smell the roses or enjoying the little things in life.  As we were playing...

So I Got a Tattoo

Since the "Be You Bravely" theme in MOPS, I wanted to get an arrow tattoo.  As I began the process of stepping down from my leadership position, my friends began planning getting tattoos.  Now, now was the time!  As I was looking for inspiration for my tattoo, here is...

MOPS and what it means to me

If you've never heard of MOPS you really need to learn more if you have young children.  Their website is here.  I'm entering into my 3rd year, I started at a time I really needed to be getting out more.  Gavin was 6 months old, I was suffering from postpartum, I had...

Ahhh… 3…

I can hardly believe it... my baby girl is really a big girl now...   Last week we had 3, yes three major accomplishments!!!! 1) Maddy Lou is now potty trained!!! Woohoo!!!! 2) She graduated from Parents as Teacher... so so sad, we're going to miss our visits with Ms....

A Week In The Life – Day 1 – July 25th

So, this year I decided to join all the fun. Really, I'm loving it. Even though Gavin is super fussy, he has an ear infection, I'm still enjoying it! If you haven't heard of it before here's where you can find out more.  If you want to participate, it's not to late......

Yep you read that right…

That's right, we're expecting.  This was Maddy's shirt she opened in front of the family at her party. My body was bit off so we're still trying to get the due date down.  Most likely it will be the end of April.  We will be having a planned c-section...

My baby is 2!!!

I can't believe it... two years about this time is when I slapped Scott and asked for my epidural.  If you have heard that story, it's because he was trying to be helpful and breathe with me... well... he had a peanut butter cookie and I was starving... all I could...

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